Thank you jesus for everything because you doing such a great things and miracle in my life . Praise the lord Helleujha!

Simple Is Sometimes Best

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of chatting with Ambreena Niamat Iqual on messenger. She is from Lahore, Pakistan. Simple people needing simple things. To us we may want complex things but when education is poor, simple things are needed to teach, encourage, and inspire the minds. What Ambreena is doing is sharing the word of God with the youth and from this inspired to form the New Generations Outreach. Through motivation using gifts to lead people to Jesus and accept the ways and words of Jesus Christ. From different villages and societies, people come. Young, old, mothers, and fathers come to hear the word of Jesus. Pakistan is unusual as much difficulty is being had to motivate the people and youth as Christians have no awareness of Jesus, much less the words of the Bible. One must understand that Pakistan is a Muslin country.

Ambreena’s efforts should not go unnoticed as many people tries to help and support people, they are sharing God’s word and help for the people. One thing may be food which is in short supply. Being poor little is being done from the ruling Muslins. The biggest obstacle is motivating the people about Jesus Almighty. Plans are to raise money for Bibles for the villagers so they can read and understand the words. However, support is needed to help with this effort that she is doing. She takes no money and that which she gets she buys for these people. Her mother and sister helps. Her brother and father and uncle is in Philadelphia and they send money to help in Pakistan. As with any ministry, there are needs to operate a ministry. She wants a place to put a church with the name of the ministry so people will know who and what the church represents. She would like fifty thousand dollars to help with projects and developing new projects. She would also like to list the donor and inform the donor and other with pictures and data and how the money was used. Accountabilty is very important in the ministry work.

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